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Wear & Tear; While Pumping Corrosive, Heavy, Thick Liquid with Abrasive Impurity Pumping
09 Mar 2017 - 16:36:05

Pumping a corrosive, heavy, thick liquid with abrasive impurity sometimes can become a disaster to most people. Photos shown below are actual conditions of liquid that we have successfully pumped. If you have such liquid need to be pumped, please let us know; we will assist you and giving you the right pumping solutions along with Vogelsang.

And as such certain slurry is often charged with abrasive particles, pump parts are subjected to extreme  wear, and thus the pump failed . Often  times the pump operator judges the virtues of a pump  according its expected operation time before the parts are due for replacement. Replacement becomes necessary when gap sizes have grown to an extent where backflow losses  are so great that the output flowrate is no longer sufficient to fulfill minimum requirements. But, don’t you worry, leave it up to us, because with PT.Trijaya Satya, we will minimize your down time for breakdown since:


-        *We will select the slowest speed available for the duty required; hence you will have less wear and tear. Most company will select the smallest pump available for the required duty due to pricing issue; but they aside the issue that smaller pump will cause higher speed and cause higher wear and tear

-        *Vogelsang wear and tear parts are adjustable to maintain certain gap clearance.

-        *We will keep all the wear and tear parts in stock of any pump unit sold

-        *Vogelsang maintain 5 years warranty on shaft against manufacture defect; since we do know that heavy thick liquid pumping will cause tremendous stress load into the shaft

-        We do have 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days Engineers ready to handle all breakdown to our Vogelsang Pump on site. We have in house facilities to do any in-house repair work.



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